Fair, Transparent, and Flexible


The wealth advice industry is ever-evolving, and this is reflected in our fee structure:


  • Fair: You pay for the financial planning you receive and we get paid for the service we provide.
  • Transparent: You know exactly what you pay. You'll either be invoiced directly or see the fee deducted from your investment account. 
  • Flexible: If you want us to manage a large portfolio for you, we'll offer you economies of scale through very competitive asset-based fees. If you have little or nothing to invest with us, you still receive the same level of service by paying an hourly financial planning fee. Our minimum account size is $0.

Start With a Plan


Every client of Muhs Wealth Partners receives comprehensive financial planning first and foremost. By default, financial planning is offered on a fee-only basis at a cost of $200/hr plus applicable taxes. Based on the complexity of your situation, the number of hours we expect to commit per year, your initial financial planning fee will generally range between $2000 (10 hours) and $5000 (25 hours) per year.

Check out our Financial Planning page for more info on our overall process

Professional, Evidence-Based Discretionary Portfolio Management


You work hard for your money... why pay a considerable fraction of your wealth over the long term to banks or mutual fund dealers for the privilege of having them sell you their own high-cost products?


Not only do our highly competitive fees cover the active management of a truly prupose-built portfolio backed by historical evidence and academic research, but your fees are also credited toward your financial planning services. So, for example, if you are receiving 10 hours per year of financial planning ($2000) and and are paying 1.5% on a portfolio of $200,000 (approx. $3000/yr), your financial planning fees are completely paid for.



Fully Transparent Total Portfolio Fees


Fees are determined based on your overall household portfolio with Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, as opposed to being "tiered" at various asset levels. This means that at $1 million you pay 1% on your total portfolio, as opposed to 1.5% on the first $500,000, 1.25% on the next $500,000, etc).



$100,000 - $500,000


$500,000 - $1,000,000







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