Fair, Transparent, and Flexible


The wealth advice industry is ever-evolving, and so are we. With an annual financial planning fee, which blends with an optional asset-based wealth management fee, we believe we have struck the ideal balance between fairness, transparency, and flexibility.


  • Fair: You pay for the financial planning you receive and we get paid for the service we provide.
  • Transparent: You know exactly what you pay. You'll either be invoiced directly or see the fee on your statement. 
  • Flexible: If you want us to manage a large portfolio for you, we'll offer you economies of scale through very competitive asset-based fees. If you have little or nothing to invest with us, you still receive the same level of service by paying an annual financial planning fee. Our minimum account size is $0.

 Comprehensive Financial Planning:
$2000 per year

For a flat annual fee, we will partner with you and your family in formulating and executing a holistic wealth strategy. This service is suited to most individuals and families earning employment income, without significant complications in their overall financial situation.


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Complex Comprehensive Financial Planning
$3000-$5000 per year

Suitable for small business and farm owners, those earning income through a professional corporation, and high net worth families in general who may have additional complexities to their overall financial situations. 


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NEW! Financial Jumpstart

If you're not ready yet to commit to a long-term financial planning relationship, but you know you need help now, then our Financial Jumpstart service might be for you.

Are you

  • A new or recent university/college graduate looking to make sense of the financial industry, or figure out your benefits at your new job?
  • Making a job or career change?
  • Retiring and trying to understand your pension benefit options or how a RRIF works?
  • Looking to liberate your investments from a bank or mutual fund dealer and need some education on ETFs and portfolio strategy?

Jumpstart goes right into planning your wealth strategy on the first meeting. For just $800 you get a total of 4 hours of our time, including an up to 2-hour planning session where we do a comprehensive check-up and financial education.

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Professional, Unbiased Fee-Based Wealth Management


You work hard for your money... why pay a considerable fraction of your wealth over the long term to banks or mutual fund dealers for the privilege of having them sell you their own high-cost products?


Whatever fees we earn from managing your investments are deducted from your annual planning fees upon renewal in the following year. The below percentage fees are applied to your total portfolio (not tiered), based on household assets.


Custom Portfolio

A "Core & Explore" strategy using low-cost index ETFs at the core of each account, with some low-cost actively managed mutual funds or factor-based ETFs at the periphery for diversification purposes. Where applicable, includes a tax-smart asset location strategy.


$100,000 - $500,000


$500,000 - $1,000,000






Muhs ETF Strategies

Active asset allocation, using primarily index ETFs. Click here for more details.


$25,000 - $200,000


$200,000 - $500,000


$500,000 - $1,000,000






A Few Potential Client Scenarios:



Carl & Ashley are in their early 30s and just starting to get serious about planning for their retirement and maybe putting some money aside in an RESP for their two kids. They have a total of $50,000 in RRSPs with their bank in high-priced managed portfolios (2.5% = roughly $1250/yr) and they deal with a different new person every time they visit the bank, never receiving any guidance on their financial plan. Carl & Ashley inquired about financial planning with the bank's wealth management arm, but were told they don't meet the account minimums.


Carl & Ashley agree to pay MWP $2000 per year for ongoing financial planning and transfer their RRSPs into Muhs ETF Strategies, which charge them an annual 1.5% management fee. After the first year they receive a report totalling up annual management fees on their RRSP portfolios at $800. In year 2 Carl and Ashley pay an annual planning fee of $1200 ($2000 minus $800). Over time, as their wealth grows, annual management fees on their accounts total more than $2000 and they no longer need to pay a separate annual planning fee. 

Marilyn & Jack are in their 50s and Jack makes use of his background in corporate finance to manage their $1.5 million portfolio of stocks and ETFs through a discount brokerage. They feel they need some help with overall retirement planning, tax planning, and strategies to better diversify their portfolio globally.


Marilyn & Jack pay MWP $2000 annually for financial planning and help in determining a proper asset allocation for their portfolio. MWP also checks in on them regularly, especially during turbulent markets, to ensure they maintain focused on their long-term goals. They continue to manage their investment via the discount brokerage of their choice while referring to MWP any time they need help or have a financial-related question. MWP cannot provide specific investment recommendations.

Later in life, Jack & Marilyn have built up a $3 million personal portfolio and are now set to fully retire. Marilyn has also, over the past 10 years, built up a successful interior design business with over $1 million investible assets held in a corporation, which she's looking to wind down and turn into a retirement income stream. They're now paying $5000 annually to MWP for comprehensive wealth planning, including a business succession plan, meeting with MWP semi-annually.


Jack no longer has time to manage their investments, and they want to spend their time going on river cruises through Europe or playing with their grandkids, so they entrust MWP to manage their entire portfolio for them. MWP continues to provide holistic financial planning, including the services of two CFP® Professionals, and now charges them a 1% fee on their assets, instead of an annual financial planning fee. Investments are allocated prudently, cost-effectively, and with no third-party influences, while also positioning their overall portfolio and cash flows as tax efficiently as possible. 



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